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Harness the power of cutting-edge web technologies for reliable, secure, and user-friendly online experiences that captivate your audience and enhance your brand image.


Mobile App
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Our team crafts user-friendly Android, iOS, and cross-platform apps loved by businesses, consumers, and enterprises alike. Rapid user adaptation guaranteed.


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Empower your business with our blockchain development expertise. We deliver cutting-edge solutions for seamless integration and secure transactions.


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At Augmetic, we take pride in being the best and unmatched in the industry. With a strong reputation as a leading mobile app development company and IT software solutions provider, we have been delivering exceptional services since our establishment in 2013. With offices in London, USA, Canada, and India, we have a global presence to cater to clients worldwide.

Our expertise lies in crafting innovative and visually stunning mobile apps and websites. We provides range of customized services, including mobile app development, e-commerce development, website development, AR-VR development, game development, blockchain development, and more. Our skilled team is dedicated to driving growth for your business through our carefully engineered products.

Choose Augmetic for unparalleled IT solutions and experience the difference we can make for your business.


Years Experience in Mobile App Design and Development


Mobile Apps Developed


Websites Developed


Ratings on


Thoushands App Downloads on App Stores (iOS + Android)


Dedicated Developers & Designers

Our CoreServices


Hire Dedicated Developers

Create a skilled team of developers for your software development project, guaranteeing project delivery at affordable prices. Explore short-term, long-term, and permanent engagement options to suit your needs.


APP Development

We specialize in developing intuitive and engaging Android, iOS, and cross-platform apps that cater to businesses, consumers, and enterprises. Our apps are designed to be quickly embraced and loved by end users.


Web Development

Boost your business with custom web solutions. Our expert developers use top web technologies to create impactful web and application solutions, driving growth and enhancing your online presence


Ecommerce Development

Supercharge your online store! Our skilled team specializes in eCommerce development, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create powerful platforms that drive sales and enhance your digital presence.


Blockchain Development

Unlock the potential of blockchain technology! Our seasoned team pioneers blockchain development, harnessing innovative solutions to build secure and scalable platforms that revolutionize industries.


UI/UX Design

Our team excels in delivering exceptional experiences, starting from concept and information architecture to visual identity and UI/UX design, we create captivating solutions that leave a lasting impact.



Integrate AI elements into your business processes for enhanced productivity. Our skilled AI engineers specialize in delivering next-generation AI apps and solutions across various industries, harnessing the power of advanced technology to drive inno


IoT & Embedded

Looking to simplify and automate complex business processes while reducing operational costs? Our team of skilled IoT programmers specializes in developing bespoke and innovative IoT solutions tailored to your needs.



Empower your software releases with our DevOps experts. Gain secured and stable infrastructure management, enabling continuous integration and delivery for swift deployments and faster time-to-market.

Technologies wework with

  • Mobile
  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • CMS
  • Infra and DevOps

Our KeyFeatures

The range of services we provide establishes our reputation as a leading app development firm, fostering our sense of dignity among the best in the industry.


Dedicated Development Team

Our highly talented team utilizes projects to deliver optimal outcomes. The team commits their full dedication and perseveres until the task is successfully achieved.


Excellent Support

We are consistently available to support our clients in all aspects, ensuring their expectations and ultimate requirements are met. Our commitment lies in providing comprehensive assistance to meet their specific needs.


Data Backups

Implementing reliable backups is essential, and we meticulously manage our clients' project backups to effectively handle unforeseen circumstances. Our focus lies in ensuring the best possible approach to tackle any potential setbacks.


Data Protection

Through the signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), our company guarantees the highest level of security for your confidential information. We prioritize the delivery of top-rated products, upholding strict confidentiality measures to safeguard your data effectively.


Quality Deliverance

We strive to deliver exceptional value and ensure customer satisfaction through our commitment to excellence.



Throughout the stages of Discovery, Designing, and Development, our dedicated technical team remains readily available to offer valuable suggestions and make necessary edits to enhance the product in the most optimal way.


Client Centric Development

Our expertise lies in providing customized services that align with their specific requirements, fostering business expansion and success.


Agile Development

Adhering to the Agile Development process, we ensure the delivery of projects with exceptional quality, resulting in robust and scalable products for reliable business operations.

Why Choose us ?

Here are some other reasons why you should choose us for your IT Services:

  • Experienced Team
  • Customer-Focused Approach
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Flexible Engagement Models
  • Strong Reputation

We Simplify SoftwareDevelopment Process



Requirement Gathering

Our primary focus is to gather all the necessary requirements, resources, and information as the first and foremost priority before commencing any project.




Using cutting-edge design tools, we create captivating and enchanting designs that provide users with the best possible user-friendly experience.




We embark on the development of mobile applications, web solutions, and blockchain projects using the latest tools and technologies while maintaining full transparency with our clients.




We ensure that all aspects of the app, including functionality, design, and performance, are rigorously tested and optimized before release.

Who We work with

Start Up Business

Small & Medium Business



Industrieswe serve

Services That We Deliver Makes Us Dignified As One of The Top App Development Companies.


Retail, Ecommerce


Food & Restaurant


Logistics & Distribution


Travel & Hospitality


Social Networking




Real Estate


Education & e-learning


Healthcare & Fitness


On-Demand Solutions


Augmetic stands as a pioneering force in the mobile app development industry, operating in both the UK and India. We take pride in delivering exceptional custom app development services that cater to a diverse array of industries and businesses. We have the ideal model to meet your needs.


Fixed Price Model

In this model, the project scope of work, along with its corresponding cost and timeline, is clearly defined before the development phase commences. It is particularly suitable for clients who possess a clear and well-defined vision of their requirements. This model ensures that both parties have a shared understanding of the project's goals, promoting transparency and peace of mind throughout the development process.


Hire Dedicated Model

This engagement model follows a classic and straightforward approach where clients pay based on the number of hours the app developer dedicates to the project. It offers a convenient way for clients to initiate projects without the need for detailed specifications upfront. Additionally, this model promotes transparency, trust, and effective communication, as clients are fully aware of what they are paying for and can maintain an ongoing dialogue with the development team.


On Site Development Model

This approach is highly recommended for clients seeking extra on-site development resources on a temporary basis. This particular contract type guarantees a cost-effective solution while allowing for direct interactions with developers. By adopting this model, you can effectively meet project deadlines through uninterrupted communication throughout the entire process.

Our NotableSoftware Development

Our portfolio of unique and customized solutions exemplifies our unwavering dedication to serving our esteemed clients.

Wordsfrom clients

They consistently went above and beyond to understand my needs and deliver a website that exceeded my expectations. I am very happy and will recommend them to everyone who comes to me.



Awesome service

Augmetic's teams have demonstrated their exceptional capabilities by delivering an outstanding performance, coupled with seamless and highly responsive communication. Their profound expertise and wealth of knowledge have proven invaluable as they have provided us with invaluable advice throughout our collaboration.



Awesome service

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Augmetic team for their exceptional work on my app development project. I am truly proud to have had the opportunity to collaborate with such a talented and dedicated group of professionals. The results they delivered have exceeded my expectations, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.



Awesome service

I am incredibly grateful to the talented individuals at Augmetic who made my dream of creating a website a reality. The level of skill and dedication they demonstrated throughout the process has left me overjoyed with the final result. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for everything your team has done to bring my vision to life.



Awesome service

Right from the wireframing stage, Augmetic's team has displayed a remarkable level of excellence. Their meticulous attention to detail has truly impressed me, ensuring that every aspect of the app is carefully crafted to meet my requirements.



Awesome service

When Augmetic's output was launched, it gained outstanding feedback from stakeholders. They followed an Agile development and was able to repair all bugs before the release. They are dedicated technical experts and most of all, they are communicative.



Awesome service


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